The Dream CMS

The Dream CMS
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Ideas for my dream blogging CMS
Ever since I changed over from Wordpress to Ghost to power this site, I’ve gotten emails and replies asking me if Ghost is really good and worth making the jump from any other blogging engines. My answer is this: it’s currently the least bad one out there, but it is

Matthew Haughey, writing on his blog -

Let's be honest: from ten miles up, there's hardly any difference between the text that makes up a blog post and the text inside an email you send out to subscribers (that's what Ghost focuses primarily on, keeping them virtually identical). But the same can be also said for any text that becomes a social post to Mastodon, Threads and/or Bluesky. It's a bunch of text strung together. Same goes for LinkedIn posts and Medium essays. On the backend, these can be all identical, plucked from the source text and sent wherever an author likes.

Some nice ideas from fellow Slack alum Matthew, including sherlocking Buffer, the importance of theming and a decent section on commenting, which feels especially relevant with the increasing fragmentation of social media audiences.