Run Less Software

Run Less Software
Photo by Juanjo Jaramillo / Unsplash

I was having a discussion at work recently and the topic of on-prem homegrown tooling vs off the shelf SaaS tooling came up. It's something I have fairly strong opinions on, and I was sure that a former colleague has written pretty eloquently on it, so I searched around a bit and found this old blog post by Rich Archbold.

Run less software
We have developed a critical philosophy behind how we build software, and the tech stack we rely on. We call it Run Less Software.

It does a super job of making the case for saving your most precious resource, developer time, for your product, and leave others to go into the weeds of tooling like build systems or mail servers or whatever. It also discusses another preference of mine which is to stop trying to be fancy and just pick the boring solution when you're building software.

A handful of really standardised technical choices are damn near always going to beat out a grab bag of whatever random buzzy technologies that are on the front page of Hacker News this week, so why reinvent the wheel?

Anyway, if you haven't opened that link already, do it now, because it's well worth the read.