Colm Doyle A Developer Relations professional in Dublin, Ireland.

Now you can see view counts on Tweets, but it ain't pretty

Mitchell Clark, writing for The Verge:

Twitter announced that view counts for tweets are now visible on iOS and Android and that they’ll be coming soon to the web (I’ve already started to see them there). The feature lets you see how many times someone has looked at your tweet, or anyone else’s, though there are a few exceptions that we’ll cover in just a moment.

You know, they say that great product and design is as much about saying no to new features as much as it is about saying yes, and that if you’re making the right choices, you’re probably saying no a lot more than you say yes. Something to ponder as you view the ever increasing list of features coming out of Twitter of late.

A screenshot of the metadata associated with a tweet, displayed in the Twitter app for iOS.