Developer Relations

Improving your video conference setup

It's been over a year now, and hybrid/remote events are here to stay. Here's some suggestions on what tools you can invest in to level up your video conference setup so every event you do hits that professionalism bar you want.


Et tu, booth?

Is a conference booth really the best way to engage with developers? And if it isn't, why do we spend so much time and money on them?


When you struggle to write

When a large part of your job is content creation, what can you do when you're struggling to get your creative juices flowing? Here's some approaches I take when writer's block strikes.


Introducing Klokta

I've always had a bit of an on and off relationship with podcasts. They're the classic ‘commute to work’ medium and you can see why, especially in the days of the iPod. Load up your device in the morning while you have breakfast, then stick in your headphones and catch up on whatever takes your fancy.


If you’re not iterating, you’re already falling behind

If your company doesn't have a sense of urgency around iteration, then you're likely already falling behind