Colm Doyle A Software Engineering Manager in Dublin, Ireland.

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Colm Doyle

Senior Engineering Manager

About Me

I am a results-driven engineering leader with a strong track record in various leadership roles. Currently serving as a Senior Engineering Manager at Intercom, I have been instrumental in leading high-performance software engineering teams across diverse technology stacks, contributing to the delivery of world-class software products.


Intercom / Senior Engineering Manager

September 2022 - Present

  • Led the creation of Intercom Phone, an entirely new feature at Intercom. The beta release of Phone was one of the most successful betas at Intercom, gaining over 5000 customers before launch.
  • Migrated from manually generated documentation and Postman collections to an automated Open API approach, saving hours of developer time per release on developer learning materials as well as validating the accuracy of the Intercom API.
  • Gained extensive experience in creating a new aspect of a well-established product and setting a new approach to their developer community.

Slack / Director of Developer Relations

March 2018 - July 2022

  • First Developer Relations hire in EMEA, responsible for all aspects of Platform in the region, working with App Store developers to large enterprise IT teams.
  • Led the Global Developer Advocacy team, driving initiatives to increase the quality of code samples provided to customers and producing new learning materials in multiple formats.
  • Drove the beta of a major Platform shift, managing customer participation, collating feedback, and ensuring cross-functional teams actioned it.
  • Represented Slack at numerous events, built a diverse engineering team, and was a member of the Major Incident Response team.
  • Designed and built Slack Developer Tools, leading to three patents in the area of Developer Education.

Kitman Labs / Engineering Manager

October 2014 - February 2018

  • Joined as an early employee, initially responsible for Kitman’s mobile products before eventually managing the entire engineering organization.
  • Mentored a team of thirteen engineers across all stacks and experience levels.
  • Gained experience in taking a product to market and maturing a tech stack from a prototype to a production-level product handling sensitive health data of elite-level athletes.

Facebook / Software Engineer

April 2010 - September 2014

  • Worked across multiple teams at Facebook, joining as one of the first 150 employees in EMEA and spending 18 months at their HQ in California.
  • Learned about scaling systems to billions of users.


  • Experience across multiple technology stacks including NodeJS, React, NextJS, TypeScript, Ruby, PHP/Hack.
  • Familiar with AWS and self-hosted data centers, particularly at Facebook.
  • Skilled in incident response, rapidly assessing, triaging, and reacting to problems.


Listed as an inventor on three US patents:

  • Developer tools for a communication platform (US11048486)
  • Developer tools for a communication platform (US10983766)
  • Developer tools for a communication platform (US10853061)