Klokta artwork - picture of a laptop and a notebook, heavily blurred, with the word Klokta overlaid

Klokta is a podcast about technology, Developer Relations and more.

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As part of my efforts to ”create more content”, I’m always trying new mediums to get a feel for how to best use them, so Klokta is what I use to try out audio content, in the somewhat obvious form of a podcast.

What’s in a name?

Klokta is a phonetic-ish spelling of cleachtadh which is the Irish for “practice”. I chose it because it’s essentially where I practice the art of audio content creation.


For those of you curious, here’s the technology that I use in relation to Klokta. Some of this overlaps with how I produce the blog, and where it does, I’ll highlight that.

  • Microphone: Like many others, I use the Yeti by Blue. Specifically I use the Yeticaster bundle, as I prefer to mount things to keep them off my desk as much as possible.
  • Audio software: For now, I’ll be keeping it pretty basic, either recording using GarageBand, or directly to Anchor.
  • Hosting podcasts: Klokta is currently hosted by Anchor. I considered uploading episodes to S3 and rolling my own RSS feed for players to subscribe to, but honestly that sounded like a lot of effort, and whilst I don’t need a massive amount of metrics, I was curious to at least have a sense of whether anyone was listening, which more or less forced me into something off the shelf. Anchor pretty much works out of the box, doesn’t actually cost anything, and provides basic metrics, specifically play counts and an estimate on the number of people listening. If people choose to listen using Spotify, I’ll also get a rough idea of how long they’re listening for.
  • Cover Art: For the cover art, I didn’t want anything fancy or well designed, so I just stuck a stock photo with a permissive license into Procreate, added a text overlay, and that’s it. I also tend to use procreate for the images used on this site.
  • Landing Page: Anchor provides a landing page out of the box, but I decided I wanted to have something I could control better, so I’ve added this page to serve that purpose. This whole site is Gatsby, so it was just a matter of adding a markdown file and a link on the side navigation. I tend to write drafts of pages (and posts like this) in iA Writer on my iPad Pro, before copying them over to Working Copy to commit and push to GitHub, where actions take over and deploy the site.